Why “Diary of a Broken Girl”? No, this is not some sap story of my life or how I think people have wronged me (this isn’t 13 Reasons Why). You see, I think we all have some baggage and secrets. We all have things were afraid to share or even acknowledge that we believe so why not share? Why not let the world hear what you have to say and maybe even respond back.

This blog was created to share my thoughts on literally everything! Things I’ve held in for a long time and things I may just come out of the blue.

Here’s the thing. What’s wrong with being broken? What’s wrong with admitting to being vulnerable? What’s wrong with truly being yourself and not feeling ashamed?

This is just a spot for you to read my very unperfect life. A life filled with love, laughter, fear, confusion, joy and frustration because honestly, guys can be a pain in the butt! Anyway, feel free to read or feel free to walk on by. Either way, I’m just sharing a bit of me.

Sending Love Your Way,

Broken Girl Learning to Heal