Hello there! If you have happened to stumble upon this blog than kudos to you because I’m not sure how this even works. I started this blog in hopes of finding a way to share my thoughts and feelings about, well, everything without actually having to talk face to face with someone about it.

So, here’s a bit about me. I like to think that I’m your average girl. My life isn’t extraordinary and I honestly, prefer not to do a whole lot. I have a “white girl” inside of me who likes Lululemon and Starbucks but I mean, who doesn’t like those things? I was raised as a MK and PK, which means a Missionary Kid and a Pastor’s Kid. Sure, you may think that makes me pure as snow but let’s get real, no one’s perfect.  We don’t like to talk about it but as Christians, we MAKE FUCKING MISTAKES! We are NOT perfect. We swear. We think “unclean thoughts” and we struggle with our faith often. And well, if you don’t struggle with those things, what the fuck?

Anyway, I wanted to start an honest conversation where I could share my thoughts on literally everything! No topic untouched and no thought held back. You may not agree with me and hey, that’s okay! I am by no means telling you how to live your life or that I am doing it right because understand, send help! I have no idea how to live life properly but then again, does anyone really know?

Now, you may wonder why I’ve called this “Diary of a Broken Girl.” Fair question. You see, I think we all have baggage and secrets we hold in. We all have stories we want to share and talk about but are too afraid to. But, here’s the thing, there’s nothing wrong with being broken. Being broken is to acknowledge and understand that things can and need to be fixed. So, welcome to my blog. Welcome to my weird thought process and my random stories which may make you laugh, make you cry, make you angry and even make you confused.
Sending Love Your Way,

Broken Girl Learning to Heal


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